Annual Plumbing Inspection

Annual Plumbing Inspection

Why is one necessary for my home?

Long-term damage from a persistent leak could result in costly repairs when that small leak turns into either a bigger leak or a mold problem. Hidden leaks can cost you more than just the cost of the plumber. That small leak could be causing your water bill to rise each month. Or it could be damaging wood flooring or causing mold and mildew in your home. Having an annual plumbing inspection could head off damage before it becomes bigger and costly. Your home-owners insurance may not cover damage caused by not maintaining your plumbing.

What gets checked during a plumbing inspection?

Our licensed plumber comes to your home on a day that is convenient to you and goes through a 47 point checklist. You will receive a copy of this checklist a couple days later in the mail or through email if you request it.

He checks the water heater to make sure it is up to code, it is not leaking anywhere, it is properly vented, it is running safely and efficiently and the he flushes it thoroughly. He checks all interior plumbing including the shut-off valves, the toilets, the traps, all fixtures, garbage disposal, dish washer, sump pumps, gas leaks, etc. He also checks the exterior plumbing including sewer cleanouts, outdoor hosebibbs, odor or moisture in yard and main water service valves. During his inspection he will answer any questions you have and, if you would like, will point out your emergency shutoffs.

After his inspection he will make recommendations based on his findings. If you have any questions about those recommendations (are they necessary, or just suggestions? why necessary? what happens if I wait to get it done? the price is too high, can I get a coupon or something?) just call the office at 856-939-4299 and talk to Lori or Kevin.